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Here's a shocking statistic...

🔥 2964 hours

👆 This is how much time the average entrepreneur can unlock per year by utilizing ChatGPT to its full potential...

AI will not replace you ❌ 

A marketer who is using AI will ✅

A shocking fact: we've found that the average entrepreneur is utilizing only the 3.2% of what's actually possible with ChatGPT 👇

👆 It's not your fault you get mediocre results. You just don't know which prompts to use. 

That's why you need to know exactly which prompts and questions to use with ChatGPT for your business. 👇

🔑 This prompt pack is your opportunity to unlock all the hidden features of ChatGPT

How everyone else does it:

❌ No idea what to ask ChatGPT

❌ Uses only 4% of ChatGPT potential

❌ Missing many great features

❌ Varied quality every time

❌ Mediocre output results

How we do it:

✅ Copy & paste exact proven prompts to ask ChatGPT 

✅ Zero guesswork, easy actionable tasks for quick results

✅ ChatGPT outputs that produce great results & save countless hours

 👆 Instead of guesswork, we can simply copy and paste these exact prompts.

⌛️ With this, we are able to save countless hours on manual work


Here's how

Hi – I'm Chris, the Founder of Sintra. I've worked with numerous global brands, and built marketing agencies that combined employ more than 60+ people in the eCommerce industry specifically.

Let's face it –– the rules of the game have changed for all entrepreneurship. 

With the introduction of ChatGPT, marketers realized they could save tremendous time on mundane tasks... or so it seemed.

Yet, we've noticed that over 99% of entrepeneurs weren't utilizing ChatGPT properly. Most are failing to even ask it the right questions.

That's why we've spent countless hours testing, assembling and finding the best ChatGPT prompts for business owners. So that you can simply copy and paste the best prompts for your work.

We know that this checklist will save you tremendous amount of time to scale your work. It is our mission at Sintra to provide you with these tools.

This is just some of the work you'll be able to automate:

... and much more.

We've Built The #1 ChatGPT Business Prompt Pack 👇

All of this should result in you saving much more time.

To master ChatGPT – the key lies in the details. You need to know the exact prompts to ask it.

To make life easier, we've put all the business tasks into a simple comprehensive prompt pack.

The list includes:

  • 1099+ copy & paste prompts with ChatGPT (lifetime updates!)

  • 200 areas to automate the work in your business

  • Tips & tricks to get better results with ChatGPT


Copy & paste prompts. Unlock ChatGPT fully.

Simply copy & paste these exact prompts and skip all the hard work.

  • 1099+ copy and paste prompts for specific tasks

  • Tips & tricks for using ChatGPT to adjust results 

  • Proven methods for getting great results

@davidkovger  Jan 24, 2023

Holy *%&# this is amazing! I've never been able to get great using ChatGPT – most of the time they were mediocre. Now however, it almost feels scary what I'm now able to do just by copying some of these prompts into my workflow. Killer prompt pack!

David Kovger

Email Marketer / $30M+ in Revenue


Why most aren't able to get great results from ChatGPT

👉 ChatGPT needs exact phrases. ChatGPT is a piece of smart code, not a human.

👉 It takes time to find quality prompts. There's a lot of trial and error involved in finding prompts that generate good results. 

👉 Just a single word can ruin results. Even a slight wording change or punctuation changes output results.


99% of time business owners simply use the wrong prompts to get results from ChatGPT. Using the right inputs drastically increases output results.

This pack provides the exact prompts for ChatGPT you can copy and paste right now. 👇

Skip the hard work. 

Double time saved.

You could get way better results if you knew which exact prompts to use with ChatGPT.

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the most advanced ChatGPT business prompt pack.👇

4.97 based on 532 reviews

@titasjurkonis  Jan 25, 2023

Tried ChatGPT but always got terrible results. Can't believe how doing just a few tweaks to my inputs can save me so much time. Using pre-made prompts was a complete game-changer for my productivity. Tried many ones, but Sintra is the place to go if you want the most comprehensive one that covers most disciplines.

Titas Jurkonis

Co-Founder of Blazer Agency


Worried about 

AI replacing you?

As more and more business owners will start using AI, the competition will grow even more intense. Entrepreneurs that do not know how to use AI will simply be outcompeted by those who do.

You need to find a way to use AI to your advantage.

We're entering a new digital age, where AI will replace most of the mundane tasks associated with business. AI won't replace humans, but humans that use AI will replace humans that do not.

What will separate a new-breed of business owners is the ability to use and exploit AI to your own advantage.

What can you do to not fall behind on the competition?

This is what the top 1% of entrepreneurs do instead 👇

The best entrepreneurs focus on freeing up their time in order to focus on providing more value to their clients, companies or agencies. You need time to create better ideas, and better creative work.

That's why you won't ever win against a entrepreneur using AI.

By outsourcing their mundane work to AI... the top business owners simply unlock more time to do more quality work. With this time, they can:

📚 Read timeless business books

⭐️ Get deep into the minds of their customers

🎨 Dream up never before used strategies

The more time you'll outsource...
... the more time you'll have for creative work.

Smart business owners already know this. Most have started to delegate at least some part of their tasks to AI. However, the top 1% marketers know that's not the full picture:

It's not about simply using ChatGPT ❌ It's about becoming good at using ChatGPT ✅

👆 This is why it's not enough to simply use ChatGPT. If you want to get ahead, you need get good at it. You need to know exactly how and where to manipulate AI to get better results than your competitors.

That's why the biggest untold secret lies in knowing how to manipulate ChatGPT to your advantage...

Your only way to break the current time & money cycle and save more time and money 👇

With this ChatGPT prompt pack used by the top 1% of entrepreneurs, you will:

  • save countless hours on mundane tasks

  • get 1099+ copy & paste prompts for ChatGPT

  • master ChatGPT in your day-to-day

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the most comprehensive ChatGPT business prompt pack.👇

4.97 based on 532 reviews

  • 99+ tasks you can use to save time

  • 500+ prompts to use with ChatGPT

  • Copy & paste prompts with tips and tricks

@willsauciunas21  Jan 28, 2023

The best part is that I've unlocked a lot more time to focus on creative work, which drives even more value for my clients. Tried other AI tools before but couldn't get it working right. Finally, I have a list of exact prompts I can use and get way better results.

Will Sauciunas

E-commerce Strategist & Media Buyer

Here's what's inside 👇

Over 1099+ ready-made copy & paste prompts to shorten your work to just a few minutes 👇

Includes 200+ tasks you'll be able to automate by simply using specific ChatGPT prompts.

⚙️ Tool Mastery

Becoming An Expert In ChatGPT

Top 5 ChatGPT Extensions

General ChatGPT Tips

How ChatGPT Actually Works

⭐️ Influencer Marketing

Writing Pitch to Influencer

Writing Creative Briefs for Influencer

Personalizing Messages For Influencers

Generating Influencer Agreements

Writing Performance Reports

Identifying Trending Topics

🐤 Twitter Marketing

Going Viral On Twitter

Writing Twitter Content

Automating Twitter Growth

Writing Twitter Threads

💸 Facebook Ads

Writing Ad Copy That Converts

Rewriting A/B Version Of Winning Creative

Writing A Brief For Video Editor

Brainstorming Unique Marketing Angles

Generating Images That Grab Attention

Research Pains and Desires Of A Buyer Persona In Minutes

🔑 Website (CRO)

Creating Visual Ideas For Website

Writing Product Descriptions

Generating Landing Page Headlines

Finding Product Benefits For Landing Page

Translating Website Copy

Writing 100 Product Descriptions In Seconds


Writing Blog Posts

Generating Content Ideas

Automating Keyword Research

💰 General Marketing

Analyzing Your Competition

Writing A Proposal For A Potential Client

Crafting Goals, OKRs Based On Your Goal

Researching Competitors

AI Assistant For Spreadsheets

📚 Email Marketing

Writing Email Subject Lines

Writing Sales Emails

Writing Email Newsletters

Building Email Automations

🤝 Linkedin Marketing

Automating Linkedin Content Growth

Writing Linkedin Posts

Generating Linkedin Content Ideas

Building Linkedin Hashtags

B2B Linkedin Growth Automation

🏆 Social Media

Automating Instagram Growth

Generating Engaging Content Ideas

Generating Ideas For Live Streaming

Creating Custom Visuals For Posts

Coming Up With Dozens Of Cool Captions

🚀 TikTok Marketing

Writing Viral Tiktok Scripts

Creating TikTok Content Ideas

Generating Creative Ideas For TikTok Trends

💬 Customer Support

Responding To Customer Emails

Creating FAQs for Customers

Responding To Comments With AI

📹 YouTube Marketing

Creating YouTube Video Scripts

Automating Growth on YouTube

Writing Video Descriptions


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's over 1099+ copy & paste prompts you'll be able to use.


How does this work?

  • Get the #1 ChatGPT prompt pack for entrepreneurs

  • Use the vast task library to automate your work

  • Copy & paste the exact given prompts into ChatGPT

  • Overview the given tips to get even better results

  • Enjoy the countless hours saved on your work

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Why pioneering entrepreneurs love the ChatGPT Business Pack ❤️

@DaveW_11 Jan 25, 2023

ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me, but this prompt pack just took it to the next level! The prompts are so comprehensive and easy to use 🔥 Thanks!

David Wilson

Performance Marketer

@ashleyzhang24  Jan 25, 2023

I'm loving the variety of prompts in this pack! There's something for every type of marketing campaign. Tried other AI tools, but Sintra's Prompt Pack is one of the best investments I've made this year.

Ashley Zhang

Marketing consultant for SaaS

@themartinez444  Jan 22, 2023

As a brand owner, time is everything. I can't afford to waste it on endless brainstorming sessions and little tasks. This prompt pack has been a lifesaver! 💪

James Martinez

eCommerce Brand Owner

Your only way to break current time & money cycle and become a better entrepreneur 👇

With this ChatGPT prompt pack used by the top 1% of marketers, you will:

  • save countless hours on mundane tasks

  • get 1099+ copy & paste prompts for ChatGPT

  • master ChatGPT in your day-to-day

All you need to do is click the button below and buy the most comprehensive ChatGPT marketing prompt pack.👇

4.97 based on 532 reviews

  • 200+ tasks you can use to save time

  • 1099+ prompts to use with ChatGPT

  • Copy & paste prompts with tips and tricks

Extra questions? 👇

Why use pre-made prompts instead of manually typing questions into ChatGPT?

With prompts you can unlock never-before seen features of ChatGPT. Plus, using ready-made prompts can generate way better results. Even the slightest sentence change or wording change can change output results. 

What tasks can I automate using ChatGPT?

Anything from analyzing your competition, to crafting goals & OKRs, to writing blog posts and generating content ideas. Our ChatGPT Business Pack includes over 200+ actionable tasks you can automate using ChatGPT. And it includes more than 1099 prompts to go with all of these tasks.

Who is this prompt pack for?

This prompt is made for all digital entrepreneurs looking to scale their impact exponentially through the power of AI tools such as ChatGPT.

How can I access the ChatGPT Business Prompt Pack? 

Once you purchase the product, simply click the Download button and at the end of the form you'll be able to access the Notion doc. Alternatively, find an email with the subject "Important: Your order from Sintra is here" and the download link should be there.

There are so many other ChatGPT prompt packs. How is this different from all the other resources out there?

We haven't found any ChatGPT Prompt Pack for entrepreneurs which includes as many as 1099+ prompts, and 200+ actionable tasks from 14 different disciplines. The Ultimate ChatGPT Business Prompt Pack also includes lifetime updates, which we're constantly improving.

I don't have the time to go through all of this. Why should I care about this?

Exactly! This is why we've distilled all the essential business prompts into one easy to follow pack. Instead of finding winning prompts, simply use our ready-made prompt templates to save time. 

I've still got questions.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at help@trysintra.com if you have any further questions – we're happy to help you out.

Try it yourself, and if for any reason you don't see results – get a full refund  👇

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4.97 based on 532 reviews

  • 200+ tasks you can use to save time

  • 1099+ prompts to use with ChatGPT

  • Copy & paste prompts with tips and tricks


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