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ChatGPT Prompts, Bots and Add-Ons. All of Our Products in One. Sintra All Access.

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ChatGPT is limited.

Time consuming

Every time you need to provide ChatGPT with ideas, prompts and directions

Copy pasting

Every output that ChatGPT provides needs manual copy-pasting

Manual work

ChatGPT only gives you ideas, but doesn't implement them in real time.

Can't read files

ChatGPT poorly reads pdf, csv and image files that are unavoidable

Doesn't connect to platforms

ChatGPT can't connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms to upload content

With Sintra All Access, you can unlock all hidden possibilities of ChatGPT and more:

Unlock most out of ChatGPT with Sintra Prompts

10 000+ prompts

2 300+ tasks 

10 professional niches 

3 000+ tips & tricks

Complete tasks on autopilot with Sintra Bots

30+ different bots 

8 specialized niches 

10 000+ eliminated hours of manual work

Get better insights, ideas & tips with Sintra Add-Ons

9 different add-ons 

2 500+ extra tips and tricks to automate & improve your work

Everything you're getting

The Ultimate Bot Bundle For Autopilot ChatGPT

  • 30+ bots included to automate your work

  • Automate work in the next 2 minutes

  • Risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee

Here's everything you get inside...

  • Available instantly: setup in 2 minutes

  • You'll either love it... or it's free!

  • Risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee

@techsavvy_ella  Apr 27, 2023

I've been using Sintra Bots for a week now, and I'm blown away! The SEO Blog Bot has totally transformed my website's content strategy. The bot writes high-quality articles that drive organic traffic like never before. Highly recommended!

Ella Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist

Includes 30+ bots to save you more time.

With over 30 bots for every single task, the Sintra Max bundle is our most advanced toolkit yet. 

Growth on autopilot.

From responding to comments automatically to generating viral Linkedin posts without wasting your time.

儭 Facebook Commenter Bot

Social Media

儭 Instagram Commenter Bot

Social Media

儭 LinkedIn Viral Poster Bot

Social Media

儭 LinkedIn News Poster Bot

Social Media

儭 Quote of The Day Bot

Social Media

儭 Generated Art Bot

Social Media

儭 Reddit Viral Bot

Social Media

Sells while you sleep.

Automates the most boring parts of sales prospecting, outreach and follow-ups. So you can do more.

儭 Google Maps Cold Email Bot


儭 Cold Outreach Email Bot


儭 Sales Letter Writer Bot


儭 Direct Mail Outreach Bot


儭Customer Persona Bot


Sends great emails.

Writes & sends newsletters for your topic by using the best examples of emails and articles on the internet.

儭 Email Newsletter Bot

Email Marketing

Widens your impact.

Automatically shares YouTube videos on your channel, triggering AI-generated summaries and expansions posted as threaded updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

儭 YouTube Distribution Bot


Helps you regain focus.

Gets you out of your email inbox into a creative and strategic mood. With bots to accompany you.

儭 Internal Team Assistant Bot


儭 Email Autoresponder Bot


儭 Voice Image Prompt Bot


儭 Research & Study Bot


儭 ChatGPT in Slack Bot


儭 CV Analyzer Bot


Automates responses.

Helps your customers nearly instantly by plugging directly into your most popular support channels.

儭 Support Messenger Bot


儭 Support Email Bot


儭 Support Report Bot


Gets you listed faster.

Automates keyword research, topic searches and manual website work. Gets you on top search faster.

儭 SEO Blog Writer Bot


儭 SEO Keywords Bot


儭 SEO Site Analysis Bot


儭 Site Seed Bot


Launches more products.

Rewrites supplier product pages for your brand and publishes products automatically to your store.

儭 eCom Product Lister Bot


* By purchasing Sintra Max, you also get lifetime updates and new bots added every month.

The reason is simple.

Complete tasks on autopilot. 

As a result, with Sintra Bots you can save 8x more time on tasks.

As reported by Sintra Max Beta testers


How Sintra Bots are different from regular ChatGPT...

Here's what Sintra Bots can do for you...

  • Gets data automatically

  • Completes tasks for you

  • Runs 24/7 without you

  • Pre-built, proven & ready to use

  • A few clicks to master

  • Instantly executes tasks

  • Used by professionals

  • Saves 8x more time

  • Get ahead of your competition

Here's how regular ChatGPT is limited...

  • Not Autonomous & Outdated

  • You Must Copy & Paste

  • Doesn't DO anything

  • Always waiting for you

  • 100s+ of hours to master

  • Limited & not scalable

  • Painfully Slow

  • Everyone is using it

There's more...

The #1 Most Advanced ChatGPT Prompt Bundle On The Planet

  • 10 000+ copy and paste prompts for specific tasks

  • 2 300+ tasks you can automate

  • Proven methods for getting great results

We've vetted and found the top proven prompts to automate most areas of your work.

Automate 2,300+ tasks

From marketing, sales, support, HR to startup, real estate and agency work.

10,000+ mind-blowing prompts

Trusted and vetted for uncanny performance.

The most advanced prompt pack on the planet.

With over 2,300 tasks and 10,000 prompts.

Unlock peak ChatGPT performance with Sintra Plus.

ChatGPT needs exact phrases. ChatGPT is a piece of smart code, not a human.

It takes time to find quality prompts. There's a lot of trial and error involved in finding prompts that generate good results. 

More complex tasks require advanced prompting. The more complex the task, the more advanced the prompt required.

Just a single word can ruin results. Slight wording change or punctuation can change output results.

Using Sintra Plus

saves you time

compared to when using ChatGPT the regular way 

Using Sintra Plus

unlocks features

compared to when using ChatGPT the regular way 

Using Sintra Plus

improves results

compared to when using ChatGPT the regular way 

See how the Sintra Plus Bundle stacks up

Based on the amount of prompts used on average by ChatGPT users

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Support
  • Agency
  • Productivity
  • Web Dev
  • Real Estate
  • VA
  • Startups
  • HR

Automate work for all the mundane marketing-related tasks

Included in Sintra Plus


marketing prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Facebook Ads

  • General Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Website (CRO)

  • YouTube Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Twitter Marketing

  • Linkedin Marketing

  • TikTok Content Creation

  • Social Media Management

Generate more revenue with these ready-made battle-tested prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


sales prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Sales Reporting

  • Sales Operations

  • Lead Generation

  • Proposal Development

  • Product Information

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Customer Outreach

  • Customer Feedback

  • Partnership Management

  • Sales Incentives

Take the load of your support operations with ChatGPT helper prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


support prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Order Management

  • Customer Service

  • Email Support

  • Chat Support

  • Social Media

  • Phone Support

  • Sales & Promotions

  • Knowledge Management

  • Product Information

  • Chatbots & VAs

Automate your agency faster with proven and tested agency prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


agency prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Client Management

  • Team Management

  • Financial Management

  • Business Development

  • Content Creation

  • Project Management

  • Agency Reporting 

  • Legal & Contracts

Find more time in your day-to-day tasks with hundreds of productivity prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


productivity prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Relationship Management

  • Parenting Assistance

  • Work From Home

  • Time Management

  • Travel Planning

  • Meal Planning

  • Finance Management

  • Home Management

  • Personal Development

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Set up, design & overview websites easier than ever with proven prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


setup prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Website Creation

  • Website Copywriting

  • Branding & Design

  • UI / UX

  • E-commerce tools

  • Website Content

  • Website Legal

  • Data & Analytics

  • SEO

  • Project Management

Manage, sell and list real estate faster and easier with ChatGPT prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


real estate prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Property Management

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Management

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Property & Market Analyses

  • Sales & Negotiation

  • Administrative Tasks

  • Client Communication

Fly through & automate all the day-to-day virtual assistant related tasks 

Included in Sintra Plus


VA prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Personal assistance

  • Entertainment & concierge

  • Product information

  • Translation

  • Travel arrangements

  • Legal agreements

  • Medical summaries

  • Healthcare

Build your next big startup in a matter of days, not weeks, with proven prompts

Included in Sintra Plus


startup prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • Business Planning

  • Mobile App Development

  • Innovation

  • Data Analysis

  • Product Testing

  • Product Development

  • Career Development

  • Finances & Legal

Speed up most HR-work by delegating most common tasks to ChatGPT

Included in Sintra Plus


HR prompts


tasks to automate


tips & tricks

  • People Recruiting 

  • Training & Development

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Employee Relations

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Development

  • Workforce Planning

  • HR Compliance


And counting. That's how many prompts are in Sintra Plus with lifetime updates.

Choose your task. 

Choose your prompt. 

Let it rip.

Sintra Plus includes over 10,000 prompts in various niches. 

So you can automate most of your work, in seconds. 

No matter the niche, task, or area of work. 

Last but not least

9 Add-Ons to Automate & Improve Your Work

  • 9 different add ons to improve your workflow

  • 3 000+ tips & tricks

  • Proven methods for getting great results

Included With Your Order

50 Ways to Make $10,000 with ChatGPT

Included With Your Order

Advanced Prompt Tips

Included With Your Order

400+ Next-Level ChatGPT Prompts

Included With Your Order

∴ 400+ Prompts and Hacks to Supercharge Your Business

Included With Your Order

400+ Top Tier Brands to Spy On

Included With Your Order

The Step-by-Step Process to Finding Million-Dollar Ideas

Included With Your Order

449+ Advanced AI Software & Tools

Included With Your Order

449+ More Advanced AI Software & Tools

Included With Your Order

Visual Prompt Engineering Template to Generate Art Using AI

Here's Everything You're Getting For Just  $抾99抾7抾 $97 Today:

Included With Your Order

The Ultimate ChatGPT Bundle For 10x Growth

  • 30+ bots for all areas of your work

  • 10 000+ ChatGPT prompts

  • 9+ extra add-ons

Free Lifetime Updates  New Bots & Prompts Added Every Week

Zero risk: 14-day money-back guarantee

You're Covered by Our No-Questions-Asked 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Every purchase you make from Sintra is covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee. Our support team is always there to assist you. Contact at

Money-Back Guarantee: 14-Day No Questions Asked

Risk Free: If You Don't Love It Keep It For Free.

Sintra Reviews歹

@ramintazh  Apr 26, 2023

Just received beta access to Sintra Bots. Honestly, it feels next-level. Started off with auto-commenter bot, and so far the results have been scary good! It's saving me crazy amounts of time!

Raminta Zhang

Graphic Designer

@mbislys Apr 26, 2023

ChatGPT has been a game-changer for me, but this prompt pack just took it to the next level! The prompts are so comprehensive and easy to use Thanks!

Martin B.

Creative Director for eCommerce Brands

@techsavvy_ella  Apr 27, 2023

I've been using Sintra Bots for a week now, and I'm blown away! The SEO Blog Bot has totally transformed my website's content strategy. The bot writes high-quality articles that drive organic traffic like never before. Highly recommended!

Ella Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist

@whattheninja  Apr 11, 2023

I purchased Sintra Bots to save time on research. The Research & Study Bot is a cool concept, but the summaries aren't always spot-on. On the bright side, the Fine-Tune Bot has been a valuable asset in improving ChatGPT accuracy. Overall, I think it's still a worthy investment. 

Michael Nguyen

Software Engineer & AI Hobbyist

@kitchenmastermind  Apr 19, 2023

Simply put, this has taken my food blog to new heights. The auto-commenter bot has been a lifesaver because now I can engage with my followers while I focus on cooking up new recipes. The level of customization is great, too.

George Robinson

Food Blogger & Chef

@yogaguru_amy  Apr 25, 2023

As a yoga instructor, I never thought I'd find a tool like Sintra Bots that could help me manage my social media presence. But the Social Media Hook Bot has proved to be a game changer, creating captivating openers for my posts. My engagement is through the roof!

Amy Johnson

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate

@upcycle_guru  Apr 16, 2023

Sintra Bots is pushing the boundaries of what AI can do for us. I'm amazed at how the Sintra Max pack has streamlined my team's productivity. By automating mundane tasks, we can now focus on what truly matters creativity and innovation.

Jessie Parker

Upcycling Enthusiast & Small Business Owner

@tim_the_entrepreneurr  Apr 15, 2023

Just started using Sintra Bots, and I'm already in love. The Print On Demand Bot has unleashed my creativity and expanded my product offerings. It's so easy to use and the generated designs are incredible. Can't wait to see what else these bots can do!

Timothy Anderson

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Extra questions?

Who is this bundle for?

This bundle is made for all people looking to scale their impact exponentially through the power of AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Why use pre-made prompts instead of manually typing questions into ChatGPT?

With prompts you can unlock never-before seen features of ChatGPT. Plus, using ready-made prompts can generate way better results. Even the slightest sentence change or wording change can change output results. 

How are Sintra Bots different from ChatGPT?

Regular ChatGPT needs your input and then you need to manually copy & paste outputs somewhere. With Sintra Bots, this process is automated and ChatGPT can run on autopilot without your involvement, but only oversight. This is much more efficient than Regular ChatGPT.

What tasks can I automate using The Sintra All Access?

Anything from analyzing your competition, to crafting goals & OKRs, to writing blog posts and generating content ideas. Our Sintra Plus pack includes over 2,000+ actionable tasks you can automate using ChatGPT, and every Sintra bot is made for a different task and purpose, and we're constantly expand the variety and combination of bots for different purposes.

How do I access Sintra All Access?

Once you purchase the product, simply click the Download button and at the end of the form you'll be able to access the Sintra Hub. All of your bot downloads along with setup guides will be available there. You'll need the setup guides in order to set up everything accordingly. You can login to Sintra Hub here. 

For the Add-Ons & Sintra Plus, simply click the Download button and at the end of the form. Alternatively, find an email with the subject "Important: Your order from Sintra is here" and the download link should be there. If you still aren't able to find your order, click here.

How do I setup Sintra Bots?

Every bot purchase comes with a step-by-step setup guide so you get your bots running quickly and efficiently. If at any point in the process you encounter any issues, our team will be there to troubleshoot you ASAP. 

What's the pricing for Sintra Bots?

By buying Sintra Bots you're buying a ready-made downloadable bot JSON file which you can import into Make along with a ready-made setup guide so you can plug & play and go. There's a one-time fee for buying the bot file, and Make is free for up to 1,000 operations per month. Once you go above that, you only pay per the operations you use to Make.

I've still got questions.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at if you have any further questions we're happy to help you out. If you need any extra help, click here.

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The Ultimate ChatGPT Bundle For 10x Growth

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Get back more time with autopilot ChatGPT enabled bots, 10 000+ prompts & extra add-ons.

Save over $900 by getting Sintra All Access

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