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You do the strategy, Helpers do the work.


of Online Startups FAIL Within the First Year. Why?  

Most of the time it's missing skills in essential business functions... 

Inefficient Sales Strategies

Lack of Strategic Business Planning

Overburdened with Admin Tasks

Weak Content Marketing

Challenges in Talent Hiring

Poor SEO Performance

Ineffective Social Media Presence

E-commerce Management Issues

Imagine If You Could Leave All That Pain for AI, and Work... 


Automate routine tasks

Save time

Increase productivity


No Human Error

Improve Decision-making

Elevate Quality Control


Save Money

Affordable AI Solution

No Staff Costs

Meet Sintra Helpers πŸ™Œ

Your Strategy, Their Execution

Junior Sales Manager

Virtual Assistant


Social Media Manager

Influencer Manager

Personal Development

Customer Service Agent 


SEO Specialist

eCommerce Manager

Business Development

Data Analysis

Get Sintra's AI Helpers Working in Minutes πŸ™Œ

@techsavy_ella β€’ Jan 24, 2024

Just got Sintra Helpers for our team, and wow, they're amazing! They handle all the routine stuff, from sales to customer chats, so we can focus on big ideas. Sales are up, customers are happy, and we're not stuck with the boring tasks. These AI pros are the real deal for any business!

Ella Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist

How? Easy...

Each Sintra Helper is a professionally trained AI model, programmed to be the best in their area.

a quick how to.. πŸ“

Define the Challenge

Analyze and Strategize

Present Solutions

While employee does it in
2 days

Sintra Helper can do it in
5 minutes

Stay Ahead with AI πŸš€

With Sintra Helpers You will..

Reduce Staffing Expenses

24/7 Availability

Easily Adjusts the Needs

Reduce Human Mistakes

Automate Routine Tasks

Keep Business Advanced

Increase Efficiency

Enhance Data Security

You're Covered by Our No-Questions-Asked 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Every purchase you make from Sintra is covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee. Our support team is always there to assist you. Contact at

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Includes 12 Helpers to Save Time and Money

Junior Sales Manager

βš™οΈ Develop Sales Strategies
βš™οΈ Monitor Market Trends
βš™οΈ Analyze Sales Data
βš™οΈ Optimize Sales Processes
βš™οΈ Cultivate Client Relationships

Virtual Assistant

βš™οΈ Schedule Appointments
βš™οΈ Organize Files
βš™οΈ Event Planning
βš™οΈ Draft Letters
βš™οΈ Research Information


βš™οΈ Job Posting Creation
βš™οΈ Candidate Sourcing
βš™οΈ Skill Assessments
βš™οΈ Recruitment Analytics
βš™οΈ Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Social Media Manager

βš™οΈ Analyze Metrics
βš™οΈ Develop Strategies
βš™οΈ Optimize Profiles
βš™οΈ Hashtag Research
βš™οΈ Visual Content Advice

Influencer Manager

βš™οΈ Analyze Performance
βš™οΈ Negotiate Collaboration Terms
βš™οΈ Influencer Relationships
βš™οΈ Audience Engagement Analysis
βš™οΈ Brand Message Alignment

Personal Development 

βš™οΈ Goal Setting Guidance
βš™οΈ Productivity Strategies
βš™οΈ Habit Building Support
βš™οΈ Career Path Planning
βš™οΈ Personal Branding Ideas

Customer Service Agent

βš™οΈ Monitor Customer Satisfaction
βš™οΈ Resolve Complaints Quickly
βš™οΈ Conduct Customer Surveys
βš™οΈ Escalate Complex Issues
βš™οΈ Record ustomer Feedback


βš™οΈ Generate Ad Copy
βš™οΈ Write Blog Posts
βš™οΈ Craft Email Campaigns
βš™οΈ Develop Web Content
βš™οΈ Script Video Content

SEO Specialist

βš™οΈ Keyword Research
βš™οΈ SEO Strategy Planning
βš™οΈ On-Page Optimization
βš™οΈ Monitor Ranking Changes
βš™οΈ E-commerce SEO Tips

eCommerce Manager

βš™οΈ Digital Marketing Strategy
βš™οΈ Product Listing Optimization
βš™οΈ Sales Analysis
βš™οΈ Pricing Strategy Development
βš™οΈ Website Traffic Analysis

Business Development

βš™οΈ Strategy Formulation
βš™οΈ Client Relationship Management
βš™οΈ Sales Funnel Optimization
βš™οΈ Performance Metrics Analysis
βš™οΈ Financial Planning Advice

Data Analysis

βš™οΈ Statistical Analysis
βš™οΈ Trend Identification
βš™οΈ Financial Analysis
βš™οΈ Survey Analysis
βš™οΈ Supply Chain Optimization

Sintra Bots Reviews❀️

@ramintazh β€’ Apr 26, 2023

Just tried Sintra Helpers and wow, it's a game-changer. Kicked off with the copywriting assistant, Penn, and the quality is astonishingly high! Huge time-saver for my content needs!

Raminta Zhang

Graphic Designer

@mbislysβ€’ Apr 26, 2023

Sintra Helpers have totally transformed my workflow, especially Vizzy, the VA. So easy to use πŸ”₯ Huge thanks!

Martin B.

Creative Director for eCommerce Brands

@techsavvy_ella β€’ Apr 27, 2023

I've been using Sintra Helpers for just a week, and I'm amazed! Their SEO Specialist, Seomi, revolutionized my site's content strategy, crafting top-notch articles that significantly boost organic traffic. Absolutely recommend!

Ella Johnson

Digital Marketing Specialist

@whattheninja β€’ Apr 11, 2023

I got Sintra Helpers to speed up my tasks. Dexter, the Data Analyst, is a great idea, but the insights need fine-tuning sometimes. However, Vizzy, the Virtual Assistant, has been super helpful in organizing my work. Overall, it's definitely been worth it.

Michael Nguyen

Software Engineer & AI Hobbyist

@kitchenmastermind β€’ Apr 19, 2023

Sintra Helpers have been a game-changer for my food blog. Using Penn, the copywriter, I've enhanced my content, freeing up time to focus on new recipes. The adaptability to my needs is incredible.

George Robinson

Food Blogger & Chef

@yogaguru_amy β€’ Apr 25, 2023

As a yoga instructor, I was surprised by how much Sintra Helpers, especially Soshie, the social media manager, boosted my online presence. Their guidance on engaging post starters has skyrocketed my interactions!

Amy Johnson

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Advocate

@upcycle_guru β€’ Apr 16, 2023

Sintra Helpers are redefining AI's impact on our work. I'm impressed by how they've boosted our team's efficiency. Handling routine tasks lets us concentrate on creativity and innovation.

Jessie Parker

Upcycling Enthusiast & Small Business Owner

@tim_the_entrepreneurr β€’ Apr 15, 2023

Just began with Sintra Helpers, and I'm hooked. Milli, the Junior Sales Manager, has sparked my sales strategy and broadened my market reach. Super user-friendly and the insights are top-notch. Excited to explore more with these AI assistants!

Timothy Anderson

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Extra questions? πŸ‘‡

What are Sintra Helpers?

Sintra Helpers are AI-powered chat assistants designed to support various business functions, from sales to content writing, through chat interactions.

How do I get started with Sintra Helpers?

Simply subscribe to Sintra Helpers, and you'll gain instant chat access to all our specialized AI employees ready to assist your business.

Are Sintra Helpers available 24/7?

Yes, they're available around the clock to ensure you get the support you need whenever you need it.

Do I need any special software to use Sintra Helpers?

No special software is needed. As long as you have internet access, you can chat with Sintra Helpers from any device.

How can Sintra Helpers assist in my business growth?

Through strategic planning, market analysis, and operational optimization, Helpers like Buddy can guide your business development efforts.

I've still got questions.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at if you have any further questions – we're happy to help you out. If you need any extra help, click here.

You're Covered by Our No-Questions-Asked 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Every purchase you make from Sintra is covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee. Our support team is always there to assist you. Contact at