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Customer Support
Empathetic and diligent, Cassie is a true master of customer satisfaction. Use her to craft customer email responses, update FAQs and more.
Data Analysis
Dexter, the data detective, dives deep into the numbers to unearth insights that drive decisions.
Personal Growth
With personalized plans and motivational milestones, Gigi is by your side, cheering on your progress and helping you soar to new heights.
With an eye for strategy and a knack for networking, Buddy is the powerhouse behind your business's expansion, turning ambitions into achievements.
Crafting collaborations that resonate and inspire, Indie connects your brand with voices that elevate, weaving your story into the fabric of the social sphere.
From optimizing product listings to mastering the checkout experience, Commet converts clicks into customers, ensuring your online store is the destination for digital shoppers.
Social Media
With a flair for trending hashtags and viral content, Soshie crafts campaigns that capture hearts and minds, making sure your brand always stays in the social spotlight.
Adept at weaving keywords into a web of success, Seomi is your trusty guide in the digital maze of SEO.
Scouty is your trusted ally in finding the best talent. With an eagle eye for potential and a friendly approach, Scouty makes recruiting a breeze.
A creative soul with a knack for capturing attention with words. Penn, your writing wizard, knows how to tell a story that sells.
Your go-to guru for all things administrative, vigilant and incredibly virtuous.
A go-getter who loves making connections. Persuasive, proactive, and a powerful ally on your team.

Sintra Reviews❀️

@raminta_zh β€’ Feb 7, 2024

These helpers have been great for streamlining work! I use Penn for design copies and Soshie for social media ideas to improve my brand and LinkedIn presence.

Raminta Zhang

Graphic Designer

@mbislys β€’ Jan 26, 2024

ChatGPT has been great for my work, updating it and taking on a lot of the manual workload. Now with these Helpers that I've got, I'm sure managing all of my freelance clients will be even easier.

Martin B.

Creative Director for eCommerce Brands

@rila_k_ecoms β€’ Feb 2, 2024

Bought the Sintra Helper pack about a week ago and I don't have any complaints! The helpers I've used the most so far are the customer support and influencer management ones, they're quick and great! Highly recommended!

Rila Keyes

eCommerce Marketing Specialist

@alexjotweets β€’ Feb 11, 2024

Cassie has transformed our customer support from a bottleneck into a superhighway. Her ability to understand and resolve customer queries in real-time has led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction scores. The helper's empathetic and personalized responses make it hard to believe you're chatting with a machine. A game-changer for our support team!

Alex Jordan

Software Engineer & AI Hobbyist

@miajinfluenced β€’ Apr 19, 2023

I was skeptical about letting an AI manage my brand collaborations, but Indie proved me wrong. She has an uncanny knack for matching me with brands that align perfectly with my audience. Plus, her negotiation skills have landed me some of my best deals yet. Highly recommend for influencer managers looking to scale their partnerships!

Mia B. Song

Influencer Agency Owner

@yourdigimarketer β€’ Apr 25, 2023

Managing multiple social accounts has never been easier, thanks to Soshie. Her content suggestions are always on point, and she understands the nuances of each platform to maximize engagement. The AI even provides analytics insights that have helped shape our strategy. It's like having a 24/7 social media team at your fingertips.

Marcus Li

Social Media Manager

@liam_blog_guru β€’ Apr 16, 2023

Gigi is like having a personal coach, mentor, and cheerleader all rolled into one. She's helped me set and achieve personal and professional goals with tailored advice and daily motivation. Her understanding of human psychology and habit formation is impressive. It's a powerful tool for anyone serious about personal development.

Liam Scott

Health Enthusiast & Freelance Blog Writer

Extra questions? πŸ‘‡

How are Helpers different from ChatGPT?

Regular ChatGPT needs your input and searches the web for knowledge on all topics. Sintra Helpers are pre-programmed for a single specific topic / profession with an extremely detailed knowledge base. With Helpers, you can input problems / tasks and they will get instantly done without any extra research. This is much more efficient than Regular ChatGPT.

What tasks can I automate using Sintra Helpers?

Anything from replying to customer inquiries, to updating FAQs and handling complaints. Every helper is made for a different task and purpose, and we're constantly expand the variety and combination of bots for different purposes.

How do I access Sintra Helpers?

Once you purchase the product, simply click the Download button and at the end of the form you'll be able to access the Sintra Hub. All of your helper downloads along with setup guides will be available there. You'll need the setup guides in order to set up everything accordingly. You can login to Sintra Hub here.

How do I use Sintra Helpers?

Every helper purchase can be accessed through our Sintra Hub platform. All you need to do is log in, choose your helper and you will instantly access the helper chat. If at any point in the process you encounter any issues, our team will be there to troubleshoot you ASAP. 

What's the pricing for Sintra Helpers?

By buying Sintra Helpers you're buying ready-made chats for over 12 different professions. There's a one-time fee for buying the helpers, and you can use all of them indefinitely.

I've still got questions.

No worries! Feel free to chat us up at help@trysintra.com if you have any further questions – we're happy to help you out. If you need any extra help, click here.

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